Naked Bodies Are Taking Over
So guys, I've gotten rid of my other blogs. I'm converting to mainly this one :)
Naked Bodies Are Taking Over

insecure on We Heart It.

❀ Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness ❀

I hope it isn’t so.

It’s a lie.
"when you go on the Brendon Urie tag for cute photos of him and you get overwhelmed with hate over G/G/B Director’s Cut bECAUSE TWO GIRLS KISSED WHICH DOESNT MAKE SENSE WHY PEOPLE ARE MAD BECAUSE THE SONG IS CALLED G/G/B NOT B/B/G"
Pretty much all the P!ATD fans. (via angelsdemonsandwinchesters)

Can you feel it anymore Jenna..? butterflowerkingdom
"Craving the lips that I never kissed, the touch that I never felt, and the love that was never mine."
Carol Camp (via thismessyheart)